-The MOC-

moisturizing oil comb

Only $20

Available October 2023

Awesome Features & Benefits

1 MOC = 3 Products

Time & Money Saver

Universial & Unisex

Effortless & Hassle-Free


Flow Control

CAGED products simplify life and make everyday living a bit easier by transforming (C)ool, (A)wesome, (G)reat, (E)volving i(D)eas into capitivating realities!

CVO & Founder

Da'Shena Williams Payne

This Chief Vision Officer (CVO) just wanted to maintain a healthy scalp by applying essential oils directly to her scalp effortlessly and hassle-free. The MOC by CAGED does just that! This beauty tool saves time, money, and effort by streamlining steps minus the mess!


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“ I love this product! The convenience of oiling and detangling at once will cut my completion time in half. I can't wait for the MOC to be a blessing to my business. Thanks for creating this fantastic comb! ”

Marshay C.

Pro Hair Stylist & CEO

“ I'm excited for this product to launch! The time consumption of the MOC is a game-changer. I already love MOC! ”

Lynette M.


“ The MOC is not only an ingenious idea; it's a necessary tool for scalp care and healthy hair. Using the Moisturizing Oil Comb (MOC) saves money by preventing product waste, saves time with its ease of use, evenly distributes essential oils to the scalp, and helps promote healthy hair growth. The MOC is a must-have!! ”

Latrice G.

Life Coach 

“ The MOC cutting the down-time of oiling my scalp and detangling my hair will do wonders for me. Also, with aging, this product will allow my hands and joints to be more at ease compared to not having it. The MOC is a wonderful product in the making! ” 

Regina A.


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